Our Process

Relationships are our Trademark.

Our process has been described as "Old Fashioned" by our competition.  Perhaps it is our insistence to have a comprehensive conversation about your unique individual, family or business needs.  Rather than plugging basic data into a rating system.  Or maybe, it is our detailed, team based, review of each risk and exposure that helps us cover you and your business properly, with greatly expanded coverage and more often than not, a much better price.  

Truth is, it is not complicated.  Our process is based on the following tenants:

1.  Discovery. ( a conversation about who, what, when, where and how )

2.  Market Review. ( an internal review with our team of the appropriate carrier to handle this risk at the best possible price )

3.  Data gathering. (assembly of the necessary rating variables. VIN numbers, driver information, sales projections, payroll )

4.  Proposal Delivery.  ( completed 90% faster than our competition)

5.  Policy Implementation.  ( bind coverage and develop service timeline )